Thursday, April 21, 2011


The Chief Minister Punjab in a meeting with all the DCOs, EDOs (Education), DMOs and other Officers of Education Department has announced the School Reforms Road map in a meeting on April the 7th.The Chief Minister has imparted instructions and given clear target to School Education Department that 100% enrollment and 100% retention must be ensured by 31-10-2011. A survey of Out of school children has almost been completed in all the District in collaboration with NCHD and campaign for admission of OSC's has been started with the commencement of new academic year on 1st April 2011.  The DPI (SE) Punjab vide letter No. 4468 dated 9.4.2011 has issued some points to achieve the target within the prescribed limit of time.
1- Banners must be displayed on all the schools regarding new admission in the school highlighting "ENGLISH MEDIUM, FREE EDUCATION'.
2- The register of out of school children should be maintained in each school on permanent basis and its availability mus be ensured.
3- The students, parents, teachers, member of School Council be involved in persuading the parents to send their kids to schools. They should be given clear targets
4- The message of compulsory education and admission of 100% out of school children in schools be conveyed through school Assembly on daily basis.
5- The school council meetings be arranged in writing be kept in the school for verification.
6- Cooperation of all NGO's private institutions and public representative be got to achieve target.
7- "Ima-e-Kiraam" of the catchments area of the school be contacted and they may be requested to highlight the importance of education in their "Khutbas" on Friday and persuade the parents to send their children to school.
8- In case the parents are very poor to bear the expenditure of Faroge-e-Taleem and School Uniform, they may be extended full help from Farogh-e-Taleem fund and they should be provided all possible financial help with assistance of members of school council.
9- The atmosphere of the school be totally changed and converted into child friendly.The head teacher should give training to the school staff to adopt friendly/motherly attitude with the students.
10- The small children be provided colorful activities by providing toys, sports materials, charts and color pencil on self help basis or from Farogh-e-Taleem Fund if sufficient funds are available. These things may be collected from elder students from their home which are not being utilized in their homes and can be properly utilized in the school.
11- In case the parents do not send their children to school despite all of the efforts mentioned above then the Compulsory Education Act 1994 be also utilized to persuade the parents to send the OSC to school.
12- IN case of absenteeism on the part of newly admitted children, the parents be contacted through students and teachers to ensure their presence in the schools.
13- Sports activities be promoted in the Primary School especially for beginning classes to create attraction/ affiliation among the children for the school.
14- The parents be apprised of the attendance position of their children on weekly basis through concerned teachers/students to improve retention.
The DPI (SE) emphasized the Education Officers that reporting system of progress may be re-examined. Proper and accurate reporting be ensured to achieve the real target. 

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